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Puri (Ready to cook)

Flatbreads | In stock | 40 pack

In India, puris enjoy a special status: they always make an appearance on the menu during special occasions and celebrations.  Like most Indian bread, puris are usually made with the very basic ingredients of flour, water, oil and salt. 

Puris are simple enough to make once you know how, but they are not as forgiving as, say, roti or chapati. For instance, making the dough too sticky, rolling them out unevenly or frying them at the wrong temperature will not allow them to puff up. And while you might have an edible bread, it won’t be just right. 

We've taken the grunt work out of making Puris so that you can have home-style pan-to-plate Puris with your family whenever you choose.

Hand made to order from wholemeal Sharbati Wheat in Melbourne, Australia.  Ready to cook in minutes.

No preservatives. No additives. Absolutely no nasty numbers.

Tip while cooking: heating your oil to the perfect frying temperature around 200 C maintaining it there while frying ensures that your food will absorb almost no oil.  And don’t forget to drain the puris on paper towels before you serve them to get rid of any residual oil.

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